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Ello there. My name is Francesca and welcome to my lil' corner of the web... I'm not good at talking about myself but I need to fill in my about me page. Tbh I just stay inside all day and play games and consume media all the time, I try studying too but I sort of have studying anxiety (if that even makes sense), especially for math, like thinking about it makes me feel so pressured and doing actual math makes want to jump off a building, die, and revive when school is done. it's mostly because I'm stupid and can't handle so much numbers. Also, my life is very normal, so normal to the point my life is kinda boring, and I'm not happy with it but I'm fckindprssdt and I'm too lazy to do anything abou it.

I'm a 13 y/o. I wanna clarify that just in case. I study in a pretty good school and I kinda wanna work in something designing related... probably house or wedding desginers. I don't know how life works and I'm kind of scared of becoming an adult tbh since driving seems scary, work seems so stressful, and any job that isn't stressful is low paying or shameful. I kinda just hope to live a peaceful life where and have an enjoyable job. I also kind of want to be those stay-at-home-moms since I like taking care of kids (sort of, I don't have much experience but I tried doing so a few times) but I don't want to marry anyone tho, or even date someone so that will probably be impossible unless I become a maid or something. I'm hoping to die before I turn 18 though so I don't really care.

Unless you get to really know me, I'm pretty easy to get along with, I'm sort of a people pleaser lol. If yout put my inner people pleaser aside though, I'm pretty cocky (for the funsies tho only, I've a number of insecurities) and my voice is pretty annoying. I also talk weird for some reason. Like sometimes I sound formal even though I'm trying to text normally. Idk why but sometimes I just say "I do not know." instead of "I don't know." or "Idk." but I guess I'm weird like that huh? Oh and I have anger issues and idk why. Especially when it comes to candy, so if we ever meet irl, don't steal my candy or I'll kill you.

I guess I'll just list down stuff I like now..? I really like candy, but if you read this far, you probably already know that. I also really like the color purple with blurple being a close second. I think that's why I like purple candies and characters with purple color schemes. My favorite food is Bon Chon and candy (I usually buy candy from Shopee online). I also like tsunderes, even though they sound like a pain irl. I don't know why I like them but ig it's because of Natsuki (from DDLC) she's still your typical Tsundere who is confusing and mean but at least she has some backstory on why she's like that. I think this is also a given but I really like gaming. Specifically Genshin Impact, I don't think I'll ever play or love a game as much as Genshin Impact. I'm also looking forward to Zenless Zone Zero too, I guess it's because it's by Hoyoverse, I like Hoyoverse.

Since I listed my likes, I guess I'll list down my dislikes too... I dislike the hot weather cuz I hate sweating. I also like wearing skirts and shorts but only because my legs sweat... a lot. I hate bugs too, there was a cockroach that was hiding in the bowl of dish soap I was using when I was washing the dishes once, when I went to dip the sponge in soap, the cockroach was holding onto my hand and I kept freaking out and flinging my hand everywhere. Tl;dr I touched a cockroach and it traumatized me. I also hate people who think acting like an asshole makes you cool, it doesn't btw!!!! You can be an asshole from time to time but don't brag about it smh.

I have a few interests but most of them revolve around consuming media. I also like website building (duh), graphic designing, and making renders but that's probably it. I sometimes like drawing too but I'm kinda demotivated rn.

With that out of the way here are some random facts about me. I have a blue belt in karate, but it's sort of embarassing for me tbh since I'm not good at karate. I hate reading, I don't know why, but I do. I main Fischl in Genshin Impact as well as Diluc, and probably Cyno and Ayato for backup teams for the abyss. My current teams are Fischl-Rosaria-Yun Jin-Bennet and Diluc-Xingqiu-Sucrose-Diona. Oh and I really like music that sound super catchy and up beat but actually have a dark meaning like Appetite of a People Pleaser or Suicide Song, etc.

Anyways, I forgot what I wanted to write here and i don't really know how to end this entry so uhm, bye!!


Fandoms/Games: Genshin Impact (UID: 847936959, pls tell me b4 you request), Honkai Impact 3rd, Undertale, Danganronpa, Toilet Bound Hanako Kun, Doki Doki Literature Club, Tower of Hell, Bee Swarm Simulator.

Characters: Sayori, Natsuki, Fischl, Sucrose, Diluc, Scaramouche, Hanako-kun, Atsushi Nakajima, Dazai Osamu, Sans.

Ships: Yaeyato, Xiaotao, Heishino, Chiscara, Hailou, Xingyun, Oumeno, Saimatsu, Hananene.

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